Viewer's Choice: Star Quest II vs Dark Universe

Join Magnetic Magic Rentals for a night of head-to-head sci-fi sleaze where you will decide our fate! Two trailers will be shown, two synopses will be read, but which tape will make it to the VCR? Come cast your vote and find out! Star Quest II: A routine space flight turns into a nightmare when the crew of the Eagle awakens from a deep sleep to find themselves the subjects of a study on human reproduction by a seemingly benign alien race. But it soon becomes a fight to the death, with the purity of the human race hanging in the balance. Dark Universe: From the darkest corner of the universe comes an alien terror with a cold-blooded mission... conquer the Earth and harvest its inhabitants as a food source. Can our world survive this nightmare from deep space?PT1M2024-05-19Viewer's Choice: Star Quest II vs Dark Universe"Viewer's Choice: Star Quest II vs Dark Universe"


May 19, 7:00 pm