The Cramps at Napa State

On June 13, 1978, two punk bands, The Mutants and The Cramps, played a daytime show for residents at Napa State mental hospital. SF-based artists and video collective Target Video recorded the shows on early Portapak Video. In 1983, they released "The Cramps at Napa" on VHS and the tape became an overnight cult classic that endures today. In between the shows is a new documentary that Mike Plante and Jason Willis made, "We Were There To Be There," speaking with Target Video and other punks, and a Napa State hospital worker, who were all at the show. The short doc tells the story of the show and also how Reagan dismantled California's mental health system, starting an epic homelessness situation in the Bay Area. Live/DocPT1H12M2024-05-17The Cramps at Napa State"The Cramps at Napa State"


May 19, 6:30 pm

May 22, 9:30 pm